Drilling and Boring Capability

Since 1951, Walton has been one of the go-to corporations for drilling and boring needs for any project from construction to investigations.


The Walton Corporation has conducted drilling operations in support of geotechnical investigations in soils and weathered rock in all the geologic formations in Delaware, utilizing hollow-stem augers, mud rotary, and rock coring in crystalline rock formations.

Test Boring

Walton Corporation has completed borings to support geotechnical investigations for various infrastructure projects including: roads, bridges, railroads, single-story and multi-story buildings, retaining walls, docks, wastewater disposal facilities, sanitary landfills, and sand and gravel pits, as well as borings and wells

Laboratory Services

Walton offers clients laboratory services through its subcontractors who specialize in professional geotechnical engineering, geoscience and environmental consulting, and materials testing. Supplemental soils analysis is provided by their AMRL certified soils laboratories.

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